Why having a second photographer is so good!



Why having a second photographer is so good

Okay, so you have found the South Wales Wedding Photographer you want, HOPEFULLY ME :) and then you start to asking questions before confirming a booking, such as


1. Would you take lots of candid shots
2. Can you do some of those creative nights shots I've seen
"I love your style of work"
"I love how you captured shots from so many different angles"
"I saw the photos from a friends wedding you shot and love how you captured so many moments of the guests enjoying themselves, really captures the full story of the day, I would love this on my wedding"


There are many questions and comments that get thrown at me when meeting couples. I always encourage potential clients to ask as many questions as possible, the more the better. I want them to know exactly what to expect from me, how I work and what I will provide from their wedding day and I'm sure others photographers out there are the same. 


"Do you work alone or with someone else"
"How much does it cost for a second photographer" 


Its always been the tradition where the photographer goes with the bride in the morning, capturing the preparations and the moments as they unfold. What about the groom, surely he is just as important. Yes of course he is. However, there are of course more gay marriages now, so no matter if we have two brides, two grooms, there is no difference at all. Having a second photographer will capture the day in full and will allow the couple to recall the day from both sides.

Whilst I would be capturing those last moments during the morning preparation, the second photographer will be with the guests as they arrive for the ceremony. I have been in situations in the past working alone where I had to race to the church or venues trying to find a parking space, abandoning my car and running to make it on time before the bride arrives. Not really how I want to be working on the day getting stressed and rushed. Having a second photographer to hand now allows me to relax knowing everything possible is being covered. I work with a number of different wedding photographers who I can trust and rely on to assist and capture some great perfect moments. 

Below are a few images that are taken during through the day from morning groom preps to the evening. This is what you get when you book a second photographer.

For all new 2019/2020 bookings, a second photographer is now included in the price !!

There is so much to capture on the day, and one person cannot be in two places at once. So much goes on, and personally, I want to give you as much as possible from your day. Capturing the smile, laughter and the silly moments are made even more possible by booking a second photographer. 

Wedding days, besides being full of happiness, love and laughter, it can also be emotional for many different reasons. These moments can be captured during the speeches or at the ceremony and really does tell the story of the day. 

Probably my most favourite parts of the day, the evening. When the sun goes down its time to put my thinking cap on and produce for you some creative and colourful images. But what has this got to do with requiring a second photographer.

Although these images shown below could be created on my own, it would be very difficult and time consuming. On a wedding day I wouldn't have much time to do stuff like this on my own. 

The help I get from working with a  second photographer to create work like this could be anything from helping me carry equipment and set it up, maybe help look for you in amongst the crowds whilst I get it all ready so that when you are brought out to do these shots, little would you know that I may have already been spending up 10, 15 or even 20 minutes to set up such a shot.  Then when you are brought out, the shot is done in just a few minutes and therefore not keeping you hanging about. During that time we both would be taking a few shots from different angles and perspectives giving you more from just one setup. 

Remember though, Im there to capture the day and there to remind you what a fabulous day you had with friends and family as photographs are your lasting memory.  These evening shots are discussed with you before hand. I will also check that you are happy and willing to do these so that i know on the day and if you change your mind, hey, thats okay. 

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