Kirsty & Simon


When you get asked to shoot another  South Wales photographers wedding you know you must be doing something right. This was that just that. I recall Simon putting a post up in a Facebook group looking for a photographer who was available to shoot his wedding. I along with many others replied to that post to say I was. There were many good photographers in that group so after putting my website link up and never thought any more of it, not until the day Simon got in touch asking if I would shoot his and Kirsty's wedding. 

I was a little bit shocked, to say the least. I have been asked over some big names from the list in the Facebook post. Honored and humbled to be asked was an understatement. 

The date of the wedding was getting closer. I said to myself "Don't get nervous, just be yourself and do what you normally do"  

The wedding ceremony was held at Ystrad Mynach Registry Office and later at Abercynon Rugby Club. Yes there were going to be challenges to come up with some ideas during the bride and groom shots and both Simon and Kirtsy knew this. A few days before the wedding I went on a little reccy around the area between the registry office and the Rugby Club. Reccy done, thinking cap on, bring on the wedding. 

Simons arrival was something a little different. Kirsty had got in touch with me a few days before the day to inform me that she had arranged for Simon to be picked up by a group of Harley Davidson bikers and brought to the Registry Office on the back of one of the bikes. I arrived a little bit earlier than expected to see and capture this. As you will see below and by the look of Simons' face he was loving it. A quick change out of the bike gear, hair check done, and then for a few cwtches Welsh cwtches. You will see as you go through the images that there are plenty of these plus smiles, silly faces, hits to the face, cute kids, tears of joy, crazy dancing and a beautiful sunset. Everything that you expect from a wedding.

It started to rain as went into the ceremony and luckily stopped in time to do group and family photos outside. It was a mostly dull and overcast day but having checked the weather I could see there was a good chance of a good sunset. I suggested to Kirsty and Simon that should the opportunity arise we take a 5 min drive to the side of a mountain to try and grab a few sunset shots to finish up the day. My word how lucky we were as the clouds cleared for us to get the photos we wanted. What a way to finish up the day.