Penny & Dave


I first met Penny and Dave back in 2016 at their home to discuss what I had to offer as a wedding photographer. I instantly felt as though I had known them both for a long time. They were both so welcoming and so easy to get on with. Even their crazy dogs wanted to greet me or was that jump all over me.  Of course, they later booked me because if they didn't then I wouldn't be writing this blog. Besides the wedding, we also did a pre-wedding shoot, I will post the link at the bottom of this post for you to see. 

It was an October wedding so there was always going to be hit and miss with the weather, saying that in wales this is the same in the summer, luckily it stayed dry throughout. I was booked for the full day and on the morning of the wedding I meet Penny at her mum and dads house in Caerphilly whilst Dave got ready at Llechwen Hall, and there to capture those moments for me was Owen Mathias, a talented photographer from Cardiff. Check out his website here

The ceremony took place at St Martins Church in Caerphilly, we later stopped off near Caerphilly Castle (This is where Owen's help really shone through) :)  before heading off to Llechwen Hall for the reception. 

After doing the traditional group shot, we did a few bride and groom shots with the VW Wedding Campervan that they had hired.

Now Dave won't mind me saying this I'm sure, but in some way, things happen for a reason. Like every wedding, the timing of the day's are set, including speeches and food. There were some great opportunities outside to do the bride and groom shots which we had planned after the food, however! this is where Dave comes in. The speeches were set to be relatively short, thanks to Dave they became somewhat a little longer, this put a delay on our plans, plus it was now starting to get dark. So the chance of having some autumn photos had gone. As I said earlier that things happen for a reason. Well in some way the day actually worked out really well when it came to the photos. One thing that I love when shooting weddings is being creative. So with the great help of Owen we set up some flashlights and used some smoke pellets and the results.......well I will let you decide on that.

Enjoy the photos and thanks to everyone who played their part in making this such a great day. 


Check out the pre wedding shoot that we also did by clicking here. A great way to get to know me better if you book me for your wedding.

Unless you already know me of course :)