2017 Photography Highlights

highlights_0001 copy.jpg

2017, you have been hard work and you have also been very tiring and very demanding but mostly you have been awesome. It was a hectic year and almost to the point of burnout.I knew I had to dig my heels in, keep focused and I would get through it all. It's now 2018, I did get through it and I am ready to do it all over again. All for the love of photography. I had one aim last year and that was to improve on 2016, get more bookings and improve my work. I can now look back and say my aim was certainly met. No matter what you do in life, If you work hard, you will succeed. To me, a part of being successful is taking that next wedding booking because by doing so I have beaten 100's of others photographers to capture a couples big day and that means a lot.  

 I have met lots of new people, seeing more and more couples tying the knot, working at new venues that I haven't been at before and getting great reviews on my work, me as a person and photographer. Click here to see what others have said. 

I am now into my 5th year shooting weddings. It never gets easier that's for sure. I think because I want to keep working harder and harder, pushing myself to come up with new ideas and providing you with 110% of my time on the day I am with you. This is probably why I always feel exhausted after a full days wedding. 

Huge thanks to everyone who booked me in 2017, as without you all this would not have been possible. The enjoyment and buzz I get from a wedding is crazy and it's so nice that I always get made to feel so welcome by everyone. 

I guess the biggest thanks I have to give is to my wife Sarah. The endless amount of time that is involved in being at weddings, sat at the computer editing, blogging and watching training tutorials etc, and sometimes falling asleep at my desk. Sarah really does put up with a lot with me especially with the little time we spend together but the support she gives me is second to none and I thank her hugely for this.  

I hope you like the images I have selected from the year. It's been a hard task deciding which ones to include and I could have included so much more but by the time you have scrolled through these, you will probably be bored by the time you reach the end. 

I am certainly looking forward to a very busy 2018. If you have booked me than thank you so much I am truly grateful. Buckle up, it's going to be a crazy year.  

Darren :)