Aimee & Adam

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Aimee and Adam were first in contact with me around May time where we talked about me shooting their wedding. I know it may seem strange leaving the booking until so close to the wedding which was in July but due to a misunderstanding I was able to step in and agree to shoot the wedding for them. That aside, I had a few conversations with Aimee but had yet to meet her or Adam. A pre-wedding shoot was arranged which is always great for couples wanting to get to know their photographer. Aimee suggested to me that she would like the shoot held at Southerndown Beach having seeing a previous shoot that I held down there. That turned out to be a stunning day where we had a superb sunset, all planned of course ;) 

After this shoot was done it was now a one way road to the wedding day. I'm sure that Aimee was stressed by it all making sure that all the hard work in planning and the preparations would finally come together for the perfect day and she certainly did herself proud. ( Adam i'm sure you had a little bit of involvement somewhere in the planning) or maybe not :) 

It was the day of wedding, 22nd July. I arrived at Aimee's mums home to start the bridal preparations. The weather wasn't looking promising although this was not going to put a damper on the day. Adam was only just down the road getting ready with all the lads so it made a dash down in the car to do some groom shoots which is always nice to have.

The dress was on and at this point, Aimee found it hard to hold back the tears. Luckily she had some of that magic makeup that didn't run all down her face. (Sorry ladies I'm a bloke so have no idea what its called, I just know its magic  )

An emotional bride arrived at the church which followed with an emotional service. I think you get the pattern here, it was a day filled with tears of joy and happiness. 

I will leave you to view some images from the day and also a little slideshow at the bottom of this post. 

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