Rachael & Paul - Pencoed House


Pencoed House in Cardiff believed to be one of the oldest properties in Glamorgan and now used as popular wedding venue and events.

 This was the first time I had an opportunity to shoot a wedding here so I was certainly looking forward to it. I made a visit to the venue a week before the wedding where I met up with Rachael and Paul to discuss the running plans of the day and to give me the opportunity to have a look around. 

I made my way down the m4 from my home and the weather was not looking good, yep you guessed it, raining, but as i got closer to the venue the clouds were clearing and the blue skies appeared, perfect! I met up with staff at the venue before waiting on the arrival of Rachael and Paul. 

Paul arrived first along with his best man and ushers, then straight into their room where they were to get ready before the girls arrived. 

Rachael and the girls had already had their hair and makeup done before they arrived so just the task of opening up some gifts before fitting in to a stunning and unique wedding dress. 

The rest of the day went smoothly although the rain eventually caught up with us and we had to keep avoiding it with on off showers even standing under a tree at one point to keep dry-ish when doing the bride and groom shots. 

What made it all great for me was that Rachael and Paul were so relaxed on the day that it made my job so much easier so I can't thank them enough for this. Despite the rain catching up with us  we managed to do all that we needed whilst keeping dry. 

Cake cutting shot done, first dance done, and some dance shots done. It was now time to back up and head off home. However,I wasn't quite done. After packing up all my kit into the car I couldn't help by notice a few more photo opportunities. I sent my assistant Charlotte back inside to bring out Rachael and Paul to get these shots done which only only took a few extra minutes. 

Well the wedding over with, next I have an equestrian bride shoot. This is where Rachael will be putting on her dress once more to have a photo shoot with her horse. Looking forward to this and seeing what we can come up with. 


Well I will leave you with a sample of the day via the images below. Hope you enjoy.