Yvonne and Damien

New House Country Hotel Wedding


I don’t really know what to say about this wedding. I could simply keep this blog short and say….. its was just superb in every way !

From the weather, which was a rather hot day, making my jib just that little bit harder.The venue, which is perfect. From its stunning grounds, views, cleanliness of the hotel and rooms, polite and helpful staff and great food, plus all the vendors that played their part in making this day as good as it could be.

Yvonne and Damien first got in touch with me way back in August 2017 after they found my work online and liked my style. From there and after many emails we meet up at Cardiff Bay to do a pre wedding shoot as this is where the love between them started on their first date.

Having meet them at Cardiff Bay a few weeks ago I knew that their day was going to be so good because as a couple they were very chilled about their photos and were happy for me to do what I do.

I then ended up meeting up with them both the New House, the night before the wedding to finalise a few things and whilst there I bumped into Jamie of Pure Welsh Magic. We started chatting and i said “how about you do a quick trick for us” Jamie being Jamie, it was no hassle for him and for the next 10 minutes he entertained us all. Jamie wasn’t booked to work at this wedding but having told Yvonne and Damien that he was free, lived a few minutes away he could be available if they wanted to book him. Clearly the impression that he made on them was enough for them to book him.

Thank you to Andrew Davies of Andrew Davies Photography for working with me throughout the day.

A mention for the lovely Charlotte Perrott owner of BeautyStyleuk - Hair & Makeup for glamming up the girls

The funny and talented Jamie of Pure Welsh Magic

New House Hotel, thank you from myself and no doubt everyone else who was there on the day for the perfect hospitality from start to finish.