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Clearwell Castle | Gloucestershire | Wedding Photography

Sarah and Mark

Clearwell - Castle - Wedding - Photography

What a day! Sarah and Mark, firstly congratulations to you both and thank you both so much for everything on your wedding day.

For those who were not there on the day then basically the day had it all. Horses, Disney themed tables and music, formula 1 celebrations and fireworks plus much more.

I had never met Sarah or Mark until the day of the wedding as we live opposite sides of the country. Sarah found me through Instagram searching of Clearwell Castle images and loved my work which was amazing being as there must be thousands of photographers that they could have booked. Such a nice compliment.

Clearwell Castle is located in the heart of the Forest of Dean and is the perfect location for a wedding. Being that its an exclusive wedding venue it is extremely well presented that offer so many opportunities for stunning photos. With well maintained gardens, large green perfectly cut lawns and a large pond are just a few options available to use. Credit to Charlotte “Lottie” the events coordinator for your non start hard work making sure the day ran to schedule.

Despite it being such a glorious day, we planned to head off with Sarah and Mark to do some portraits after speeches. Then totally unexpected, it rained heavily. However, this lasted only 5 min with the sun coming back out to stay.

Clearwell Castle is renowned for photos being taken in the “band stand” at the rear of the Castle. One of my traits when I do weddings is to create new stylish and creative images later in the night for a couple and trying to come up with something new for a venue that hasn’t been done before.

So after first dance I headed outside to set up ready for the final image of the night. With bottle of bubbly, I handed this to Mark and told him it was part of a photo I had planned. With the assistance of my colleague and the a few guests I got the photo I wanted and it turned out even better than expected. Check it out below.

There also turned out out to be a late night surprise for Sarah and Mark with a fireworks display arranged by Sarah’s mum which set a great end to day.

Thanks as always to my side kick Jonathan from Cross-Jones Photography for all your help and amazing work.