Katie & Daniel - Oldwalls

Oldwalls wedding photography

A wedding in winter time means there's a slight chance of it being a little bit cold. This was definitely one of those days. You know, during the summer when it's really sunny and so warm, I quite often wish it was colder. I didn't wish for it to be this cold though. 

We had experienced the "beast from the east" just a couple of weeks before this wedding on 17th March and although the snow had cleared we were still experiencing the very cold temperatures.

I arrived in the morning at Mulberry house, a small cottage owned by Oldwalls used by many to stay and get ready for their wedding. It was starting to snow again as I arrived in the morning, part of me was great, give us a snow filled wedding but on the other hand, I knew how cold it was and how it would affect the day. Throughout the morning, Katie and the girls were being pampered by Jessie Dallimore (makeup artist) and Lucy Summerfield (Hair design) Check out the links to the pages below. 

Working with me on the day was Jonathan Alec Cross Jones from Cross Jones Photography. Jonathan and I have worked together a number of times last year and we will also be doing more together this year. He's someone who I can rely on and trust to get some fantastic shots and to provide these to the couple for their final gallery is awesome. Jonathan meet up with Dan in the morning to capture the groom shoots before meeting up with me at the church. 

Katie had plans for the day of her wedding. If maybe you have worked at Oldwalls, know the area or even got married there yourself then you may now that just a short distance away is a Weobley Castle a 14th-century fortified manor house on the Gower Peninsula. The castle overlooks Llanrhidian saltmarshes and the Loughor estuary. The plan was after leaving the church we would head to the castle for some photos before heading to Oldwalls. The day before the wedding Katie informed me that the road was not passable unless they had a 4x4. So being the kind of guy I am, and it's all about going that extra mile, I said " I do and I will bring it with me, you won't go to the ball but you will go to the castle :) It did mean dropping my car off for a valet the day before but that's okay, I wanted to make sure that Katie and Dan could get to the castle. WOW when we did get there, bbrrrrrr so so cold, so much so, Katie's hands were turning blue! Yet she braved it out to give me and also Paul Harries from Paul Harries Wedding Films, check out his preview of the wedding by clicking here stunning!

Later in the afternoon, just after food, I was sat inside when I noticed the sun setting and this beautiful blue and orange sky. I knew we wouldn't have long to go outside and get a few shots but the problem I was going to face was persuading Katie and Dan to go back out in the cold. Just two minutes, that's all it will be, we cant miss this I said. I am so glad they came out and trusted my instinct on this. 

A fantastic day overall, with plenty of laughs, happiness and some tears. Everyone made me feel so welcome, I could have stayed all night. Thank you Katie and Daniel for everything. You have been amazing from day one your day complimented you both. 


The day wouldn't have been made possible without the help of all these :

Laura May Bridal - Wedding dress by Essence of Australia 

Slaters menswear - Dans suit

Best Buds By Samara - Florist

Devoli Cakes - Cake 

Crafty Bunneys - Wooden names places and favors

Jessie Dallimore - Makeup

Lucy Summerfield - Hair design

Paul Harries - Videography

Jonathan Alec Cross-Jones - Second Photographer