Laura & James

Laura and James are getting married on the 23rd June at St Martins Church Caerphilly, so not long to go :) For me, it only seems like yesterday (actually over a year ago)  that I had a number of messages from Laura asking about my availability to shoot her wedding. We eventually meet up, discussed what I had to offer before they both decided they wanted me to be their wedding photographer.

One of the things that we discussed doing a pre wedding shoot. Not everyone wants to do these shoots when they book, but there are plenty are reasons why they are good to do.  It's a great way to get to know your photographer (he's a real nice guy),  feel more comfortable and confident having your photo taken as If your anything like me I hate having my photo taken. It's also an opportunity to have your last professional photo shoot before getting married. 

Before the shoot, I asked Laura to let me know where they would like to go, did they have a particular location that meant something to them. Laura was stuck for ideas and told me that she would leave it up to me. Thanks Laura :) 

We decided to stay local, this being around Caerphilly. We meet up in the town centre and did some urban style shots before heading up the New House Country Hotel.  This is where the wedding ceremony will be held. As the saying goes, killing two birds with one stone, we discussed the final plans for the wedding and also took a few more shots at the location. 

My plan for the day was to finish off the shoot at Caerphilly mountain in hope of capturing some sunset in the shots. The clouds had rolled in and I wasn't sure my plan was going to pay off.My met office weather app said it was going to be a clear evening......never trust an app.  As we reached the top of Caerphilly Mountain I had around 40 minutes to play with before the sun would set. On the horizon was low cloud though there was just enough of a gap for the sun to say goodnight as it set. Did we capture that moment I was planning for.......well scroll through the images and you will see :) a little planning can go a long way. 

Susie & Rob

Wow, what can I say other than what a superb day to have shot this pre wedding shoot with Susie and Rob. 

In August I will be heading to Clearwell Castle where I will have the pleasure of shooting their wedding. For anyone who has never been there or seen the venue online then just click here to check it out. 

So, having meet Susie and Rob last year to discuss their wedding, I was over the moon that they decided to book me for their big day and recently when Susie got in touch to arrange a pre wedding shoot at Southerndown beach I had all fingers and toes crossed that the sun would come out to play. Well, it worked. The weather man or woman, I'm not sure which :) said it would be cloudy and overcast all day. I should have known, as we all do, they are never right and I am so glad this was true.  The brightest and clearest blue skies that I have seen this year, not a cloud in the sky and the location Dunraven Bay, renowned by landscape photographers and many others as an amazing sunset location. 

Susie told me that she and Rob were not lovers of the camera so I had to make sure that by the end of the shoot they were. Rob, well Rob clearly knew how to work that camera and even impressed Susie, well done Rob, obviously been practicing :)  It was a great day, plenty of laughs and what really made the day for me was when they both said how much of a great time they both had. Thank you both, looking forward to the wedding now.