VENICE - WOW what a place. I was recently surprised to find my wife had booked a trip to this amazing place for my birthday and It sure didn’t disappoint.

For the time of year we were so lucky to have had good weather and on day 1 it felt like a summers day. Sat along the Grand Canal with cold one in my hand just watching the world go by and thinking, this place is just stunning. There was no way I could have gone without taking my camera and I am so glad I did.

There was so much to see there. So many unique interesting buildings, and those tiny alley ways! As a wedding photographer I am used to looking for moments to capture and this place was a photographers dream. Street photography is not something I have done before and whilst walking around there were so many interesting moments, moments that had so many different meanings.

If you have never been there, thinking of going or due to go then you must go, don’t think of going, do it and when you do get there you will love it.

It’s not the cheapest of places but where is these days. Look to have food further away from the main attractions such as the famous Rialto bridge or St Marks Square as prices can be very high around these areas.

If you are thinking about going on a gondola ride ( you be mad not to) then to keep the price down share the ride with others. They were charging 120 euros for an hours ride! and still expected a tip at the end. Also take comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking.

You can get a boat that takes you straight from the airport into Venice and get off at the nearest stop to your hotel. There will always be a short walk through the streets with your suitcases unless you pay a considerable amount more to have a boat taxi take you straight to your hotel.

You will definitely get lost walking about. It all looks so similar. Use google maps on your phone to direct you when needed. If you do get lost its not a problem, its fun :)

Seriously though, and I think many will agree. This is a very unique and stunning place. I hope the images that I have taken during my stay have captured this.