The David Broome Event Centre

Wales and West Shows

Class 2402 Pony Intro 75cm Open

Association: British Showjumping


Today I went along to Broomes Equestrian Centre to see my daughter Jessica Rose compete on her new horse Jazzy Feet ( Trust me she ain't called Jazzy Feet for nothing) Also competing was her previous owner Elise Ankers, but to mix things up a little Elise was competing on Dun in Style (Shadow), Jessica's horse, she has loaned out so almost like a swap, almost. 


Jessica Rose was competing this morning on Jazzy Feet and Custom made Gemma

 Dun in Style (Shadow) and Jessica Rabbit (both ridden by Elise Ankers)

In the 75cm open Jazzy Feet and Custom made Gemma had joint first and Jazzy feet came 4th in the Discovery class. 

Double clear in the 80cm with Dun in Style and a first with Jessica Rabbit in the 1m qualifying for Scope Festival. 

Another great weekend all round for both riders today, well done to you both.  


Before anyone thinks what all that means above, in all honesty, I have not got a clue. I had to get my 12 year old daughter to write it, it's all rather confusion and jargon to me :) ah

Anyway, whilst I was there I took a few photos, be rude not too :)  

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