South Wales Police Remembrance Day

Every year South Wales Police pay their respects on remembrance day to fallen officers from both World Wars. Led by Chief Constable Peter Vaughan for the very last time in his service with South Wales Police and officiated by the force Chaplain the Reverend Glynne James.

South Wales Police Headquarters located in Bridgend has recently gone through a big   re development including new memorial gardens at the front of the building. During this re development process it was recognised that the previous memorial garden needed to be moved which provided an opportunity to create a new space as a memory to all officers who have passed away whilst serving for the force.  With over 200 people present it was the largest service to date for the force. 

Along with CC Peter Vaughan, others present included Deputy Chief Constable Matt Jukes who will be taking over the role of Chief Constable in 2018, chief officers and Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael. 

Well done South Wales Police for a great service, it was an honour to be to photographing the event so a big thank you from me. 

A few Images from the day are shown below.