2018 Wedding Highlights

Get your sparklers out

Its the end of 2018

Its New years Eve

A time to look back and reflect

on another fantastic year in

Wedding photography

Bryngarw House wedding Photography.jpg

Another year has come and gone and time to look back at some highlights from the weddings I have been honoured to be part of, my self achievement and to talk a little about how I feel about weddings.

When someone contacts me and then books me for their wedding, that is a big achievement in itself. In South Wales where I am based, there must be thousands of photographers both professionally and amateurs that will cover weddings from low budget to high end unique images. Regards of cost and quality, being asked above all those others photographers means I must be doing something right. Not sure what that is but i will just keep doing what I am doing. If you know ,then do tell :)

2018 weddings have had everything from laughs, tears, love, emotion, joys and kindness. For me it has been busy, stressful, tiring and on times demanding. However, that is what I have chosen to do and this is what i enjoy doing and when I am given opportunities to photograph a wedding despite how I maybe feeling I give it 110% all the time. I even turned up at one wedding feeling really ill and almost fainted through the sickness and the hot summer weather we had. I don’t think anyone noticed and I managed to get through the day, just.

Your wedding is unique. No other person has the same wedding as you. The ideas, date and venue, the weather, guests, family and YOU. It’s what makes weddings so interesting. No two are ever the same and I like to think I know what to expect but as the day unfolds sometimes I don’t but I am always there working hard all day sometimes from early morning starts to late into the evening, 12,13,14 hours sometimes.

Now I know what some photographers think about the time they spend at a wedding, the stories I hear about photographers just shooting off early or sooner than expected. Well, guess what. Not all are like that, its just a minority and when i am at your wedding you can guarantee that it will be you telling me to go home.

A wedding day is special, it’s a big occasion that takes months to organise and plan and then over in hours. All those table and room decorations , the finer details, the cake, the dress, it’s all packed away, or eaten if it’s the cake. Your photographer has to be “right” because thats all you have left as you're memories to your wedding, unless you also book a videographer of course and I hope that all the couples that booked me for your wedding in 2018 booked the “right” photographer.

Thanks to Jonathan from Cross Jones Photography who has been may side kick for almost every wedding this year. Knowing how I work and knowing what I want from the day, he has been a massive help and on a few occasions covered the unexpected.

I have to say a massive thanks to my wife for putting up with me during my busy periods whilst I am either at a wedding or sat in front of the computer at home going through thousands of images to sort and edit. Wedding photography may look glam from the outside, turning up at beautiful venues to take some photos of a wedding and job done…..if only it was that simple. Over 60k images taken at weddings alone this year, thats a lot of images to sort through.

2018 you have been more than I expected let’s bring on 2019.

Below are some highlights from the year, if you get bored looking at them then just scroll to the bottom to view the short slideshow.

Best wishes and happy new year to you all.